Will the Vardy party ever end?

Jamie Vardy“Jamie Vardy’s having a party!” You can’t go anywhere without hearing that said at the moment. ‘VardyMania’ has captured the nation’s imagination and shows no sign of going away any time soon. Now Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s 12-year record of most consecutive Premier League games scored in has fallen, is there any stopping Vardy?

Now, we’ve all heard the story of Vardy’s rise from non-league football to the Premier League, so I’m not just going to repeat what everyone’s already told you. Even though his past in the lower leagues of English football makes this record even more impressive, you have to be one hell of a player to score in as many consecutive games as he has.

Ever since the record began with a goal at Bournemouth on August 29th, Vardy has undoubtedly been the subject of team meetings week after week, yet still no one can stop him. This must lead to doubts for teams who wonder if the man who is now as famous for writing “Chat sh*t get banged” as he is for his goal scoring, can be stopped.

You also have to wonder how much Vardy’s record will free up the Leicester players. On Saturday against Manchester United, the squad seemed to slow down after Vardy’s goal, and it felt that they had simply turned up for the main event, and after that they simply wanted to hear the final whistle. Now Leicester can go back to play the exciting brand of football that set the Premier League alight in the early weeks of the season, and we seriously need to consider them as European contenders.

What now for Vardy? At 28-years-old, there is still time for him to make a move to one of Europe’s biggest clubs. You could say that he has “only scored against the likes of West Brom and Watford”, but I guarantee you, those clubs are stronger than those of Serie A and La Liga in the same league position. Can we really expect to see a front-line of Ronaldo, Bale and Vardy in the Champions League next season? We simply can’t rule out the possibility.

It seems that every game for Vardy is a bit of a party; but if he can get Leicester into Europe, or even get a dream move to Real Madrid, the party will become a carnival.


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