Ridiculous red card may cost Jordan Ayew his Premier League future

Jordan AyewThere have been very few positives for Aston Villa this season. One of these has been Jordan Ayew, at least until Tuesday’s match with West Ham United. With Villa all but down, many of their players will be fighting for the chance to join another Premier League club at the end of the season, so the last thing they need to be doing is picking up ridiculous red cards.

All season Villa have struggled to score goals, and have been even worse when it comes to creating chances. Ayew has probably been their best attacking player, and has scored five league goals, including two brilliant strikes against Newcastle and Watford. He is capable of the sort of finishing that many Premier League teams desperately want in their team.

One of the main things that managers look at when they plan to sign someone is their discipline. On Tuesday, Ayew proved that he can’t always be trusted to do what’s in the best interest of his team, when he was sent off against West Ham. With his side starting well, the Ghanaian virtually condemned his side to defeat after a quite frankly stupid elbow on Aaron Cresswell off the ball.

He has made himself not only a man clubs will have to think twice before signing, but a player deeply unpopular with the supporters. Given that many of the fans have already turned on the side, you get the feeling that come the summer, Villa may be unable to sell because there will be so few clubs willing to take a gamble on him.

It seems with Aston Villa certain to go down, they will try to get Ayew off their wage bill and support their finances with their sale. There is likely to be interest from France given that is where the 24-year-old made his name, but given that the Premier League is widely regarded as the best league in the world, Ayew may wish to remain in England so to test himself.

With only 14 games left in this campaign, Ayew will know that he only has a limited period of time to save his Premier League career.


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