Premier League clubs are deluded to want European Super League

European Super LeagueIt has been talked about for years, the possibility of Europe’s top clubs forming their own “super league”. Now there are rumours that it could be closer than ever after suggestions that five of England’s biggest clubs met to discuss the chances of this happening. However these clubs are deluded to think that they would be better off away from the Premier League.

The five clubs in question are Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. Of these clubs, only two are in the current top four in the Premier League, and only Chelsea have made it to a European semi-final since 2011. These performances are not good enough for teams that expect to play against Europe’s elite week in week out.

There is little to be gained from these clubs leaving the Premier League. They will close themselves off to their fans in the rest of the country, and with ticket prices already sky high, we would be stupid to assume that fans would have the financial capability to not only travel and watch their side’s home matches, but their away games as well.

As it stands, these five are nowhere near England’s top five clubs. This season, it seems that Leicester and Tottenham will be the top two in the Premier League. Neither of these two have been mentioned in relation to a European Super League, but they have been streets ahead of Chelsea and Liverpool this campaign.

It must also be considered if any of these clubs will give young players any sort of chance in a Super League. Teams won’t be prepared to risk playing young players against some of Europe’s biggest clubs, and in a time where bringing through young English players to improve the national team is so heavily talked about, this would prove a real problem.

You must also ask yourself if there is anything wrong with the current system in the first place. The Premier League is comfortably the most competitive of Europe’s “big five” leagues, while there are still regular fascinating ties in the Champions League. Although the biggest sides leaving these competitions will open the doors to others, their attraction would fall with the best players moving to the Super League.

What we are currently looking at as our top five teams are Liverpool, a team who, other than the League Cup in 2012, have come close a major trophy just once in the past eight years, and that was mainly due to the talents of Luis Suarez, along with Chelsea, who are currently undergoing one of the worst title defences in Premier League history. Arsenal’s reputation as chokers is growing ever further, and Manchester United are a totally different animal to the side that dominated English football for many years.

There is no reason why we can’t keep looking to improve football for supporters, as we cannot forget, football is an entertainment business. But a European Super League will not do this, and it may cause outrage among football supporters. 



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