Chelsea Review- On your bike Eden

Chelsea Review vs PSG2I think it’s time for me to write a full post-mortem review of Chelsea’s season. Now our Champions League campaign is over, and there is very little for us to achieve in the Premier League, we can evaluate how the season has gone. There is a lot to be said.

We’ll start with the pressing matter of the season. Eden Hazard. I have been patient with Hazard all season. I have put his form down to a lack of fitness, a lack of confidence, even the poor quality of the players around him. Now I have had enough. He has been terrible because he doesn’t care anymore, simple as. He has already said this year that he would struggle to turn down PSG and that he admires Real Madrid. Go then. Get on a plane and leave London. If they pay anywhere near £60 million for you, we’ll laugh all the way to the bank. Last year he would have played on with the minimal injury that he picked up yesterday because he wanted to win the league, now that he can’t, he can’t be bothered. The worst thing though, is swapping shirts at half time. I can’t deal with this, if you want to swap shirts, you do it at full time. If you’re doing it at half time, you don’t deserve to come out for the second half. So fly off to Madrid or Paris or wherever you want to go and don’t come back, because I can assure you now, they won’t give you as many chances as you’ve had here.

There has to be big changes at the club in the year, starting from the top. I can say nothing against Guus Hiddink and have great respect and appreciation for what he has done at this club. He has twice come in at difficult situations and has done all he can for us. He was never going to be fully backed during the January transfer window because he isn’t going to be here beyond the summer, so he can take no blame for the deals done then. I can though put some blame on Michael Emenalo. He seems to have wheedled his way in to become one of Roman Abramovich’s closest allies and he has done a terrible job. The transfer business performed over the last 12 months is disgraceful, and in saying that the players can take no responsibility for Jose Mourinho’s sacking is simply laughable. He should really jump before he’s pushed, because he isn’t a popular man at Stamford Bridge.

There could be any number of other players leaving the club this summer. With all the talent he possesses, Oscar’s numbers have been poor this season, and I would have no arguments if he was sold. I think John Obi Mikel has given Chelsea all he has to offer over the past decade, and although he is a great servant to the club, he is no longer helping us move forward. The same could go for Branislav Ivanovic but not John Terry, and I’m 100% sure that the name on this new contract is the wrong one. There are so many immensely talented youngsters at Chelsea who deserve a chance in the first team. Dominic Solanke, Izzy Brown, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, and Bertrand Traore to name a few are all very good footballers, and certainly would have offered more this season than a lot of players in the first team.

So to the PSG game. I actually thought we played pretty well. We pressed well, and on the ball we played some good football, and Diego Costa’s goal was probably one of the best we have seen this season. However two individual errors cost us. Both of which came for the full backs, and on both occasions they are caught out of position. I feel sorry for Kenedy because he isn’t a left back, and he doesn’t know the position well at all. Cesar Azpilicueta should know better however, as should Gary Cahill who has to go to the ball for the first goal.

Disappointingly, I don’t think we have been beaten by a team who will not win the Champions League. Defensively PSG are still too naive, and there are still way too many examples of players going down too easily and feigning injuries to have opposition players sent off. The worst of these are undoubtedly Marco Verratti, who I imagine would be a good footballer if he stayed on his feet long enough, and Thiago Motta, who himself was sent off against Barcelona for Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan in 2010 after a dive from Sergio Busquets. They do have some exceptionally talented players in their team, but they won’t go all the way in Europe.

For Chelsea it’s Everton in the FA Cup this weekend, and it really is a must win. An FA Cup victory is the only way to save our season, and it won’t really do that even if we win it. Maybe we could just give it to Hazard as a leaving present?


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