Chelsea Review- Just Embarrassing

I understand that as a club we have nothing left to fight for. I understand that the best we can hope for this season is probably an eighth placed finish. But that does not not excuse the disgraceful showing that we put in against Manchester City, one of the worst performances I have ever seen the Blues put in.

Too many of the players this season have been stealing a living. They were given extra time on holiday before the start of the season, and some of them seem to think that they are already on the beach. Cesc Fabregas is the first man to admit that the players should take the blame for the poor season, and Jose Mourinho’s sacking in particular. Take note Mr Emenalo. While I’m on that subject I’ve remembered I haven’t called for Emenalo to resign for a few weeks, so I’m going to do that now. Get out of our club.

The way the first goal comes about basically sums up how bad we have been this season. Thibaut Courtois had dug us out of a hole a couple of times early on when we let Kevin de Bruyne find space to set up a couple of good chances, but we just constantly gave him more room. John Obi Mikel never got close to a Man City player all match since he shook hands with them at the start, and I still can’t understand what on Earth he was doing for the first goal. I’d like to think he won’t be at the club next season, as he is probably one of the least progressive footballers I have seen in the Premier League, and it really is time that we move on from some of the rubbish we’ve had recently.

The second goal comes about in almost the same way, too easy for City to pick up the ball in the hole between defence and midfield and play in Aguero to score. You can’t expect to win anything if you keep making the same mistakes, and not learning from them. Aguero is one of the best strikers in the world, and when you are giving him so many chances, no matter who the goalkeeper is, he is going to score.

Chelsea Review vs Man City2You have to feel sorry for Courtois with the red card. Fernandinho has simply walked through our midfield and defence, and the Belgian has no hope in stopping him once he’s through. There isn’t really anything else I can say. While I’m on the subject I must say that Pablo Zabaleta must be sent off with the score at 2-0. It you’re on a yellow card and you make the cynical challenge he puts in on Pedro, you have to be sent off. Jamie Vardy got booked for a challenge nowhere near as bad as Zabaleta’s a day later, and it’s just poor refereeing inconsistencies.

We still have two home matches left this season, Leicester and Tottenham, and if we play like we did against Man City, we will get battered in both of them. To be honest I don’t mind getting battered by Leicester if it means they win the league, but Tottenham? No one wants Tottenham to win the league, and if we beat them at Stamford Bridge, Leicester will wrap it up. So I’d like us to beat Tottenham, and lose to Leicester. Is that too much to ask?


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