Arsenal mustn’t pay £80 million to sign Gonzalo Higuain

Arsene Wenger has grown a bit of a reputation in recent years as a man who is careful when it comes to spending big in the transfer market. This summer he has been looking for a man to support Olivier Giroud up front for Arsenal, but at £80 million, Gonzalo Higuain is not that man.

The inability to score goals at crucial times has cost the Gunners in recent years. They still haven’t won the Premier League since 2004, when they had possibly the league’s greatest ever striker, Thierry Henry, at their disposal.

This was a problem with Giroud last season, who went 14 league games without scoring between January and May last season. The 29-year-old has shown in recent years that he has the qualities of a top centre forward, but he isn’t a man you can rely solely on to win you a title.

Arsenal have had a long standing interest in Argentine Gonzalo Higuain, even before his move to Napoli from Real Madrid in 2013. The 28-year-old’s agent has already confirmed that he will not be renewing his contract with the Italian side once in ends in two years time, something that has sparked interest from a number of clubs.

It’s easy to see why Arsenal would be so keen to bring him in, mainly because of his impressive goal scoring record. In his seven years with Real Madrid, he scored 107 goals in just 190 league games despite rarely being the main man, along with the 71 goals he has scored in 104 Serie A games.

However this shouldn’t be a reason for Arsenal to spend so much money on him. There are a number of strikers who have come to the Premier League having scored goals consistently overseas and flopped in England, and at the £80 million Napoli are reportedly demanding, it wouldn’t be worth the risk.

Gonzalo Higuain1It is a lot of money to spend on a man who will be 29 by the end of the year, so may only be at his peak for a couple more years. There are a number of other strikers who Arsenal could buy for a much lower fee who would be just as effective, if not more effective than Higuain.

It doesn’t seem like Higuain would be the right man for the Gunners given the qualities that Olivier Giroud has. The Argentine isn’t exactly blessed with pace, very much like Giroud. Wenger will most likely be looking for someone who offers a different option up front, most likely someone capable of running in behind, something shown by his failed pursuit of Jamie Vardy.

It seems inevitable that Arsenal will dip into the market for another striker this summer, but for anything near £80 million, Higuain isn’t the man to bring in.


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