Yeovil Talk #1 – A strong start

After three long months, football is finally back. While the Premier League doesn’t get back underway until Saturday, the English Football League is certainly enough to get us excited.

As a Yeovil fan, I’ve begun to fear the start of the season, and actually the rest of it as well. Having started the 2013/14 season in the Championship, we begin this one in League Two, and at one point even that looked in doubt. Unlike last year, we have at least kept some of our squad together (it was just the five last season), and we can look to build on an excellent finish to last season.

I have pretty high hopes for this season, because there is some stability to the club, something helped by it being Darren Way’s first full season in charge. Despite what some of the so-called experts are predicting, I think we will be comfortably safe last year, and make the top half.

The first game of the season saw us take on Notts County, who were in fact one of the favourites for promotion. The fact that we could turn up and totally dominate them is certainly a good sign of things to come. We created a lot of chances, we dominated possession and we continue to look strong at the back.

Kevin Dawson got the first goal, down mostly do an error from County ‘keeper Adam Collin. It’s good to see Dawson back to his best because he is the last surviving member of our Championship squad, and he’s had terrible luck with injuries. He is certainly capable of playing at a higher level, but it is good to see a player showing loyalty to their club, it’s not something that happens often in football these days.

Otis Khan, one of many younger players who have come to the club this summer, got the second goal, and he looks an excellent prospect. He looks a direct winger who looks to go past his full back, and that is something that really has an impact at League 2 level. Whereas last season goals were a real problem, we look like we can get a few more this year. A 2-0 win was the right result, and something we can build on in the coming weeks.

YTFC Talk #1I’ll make less of a point of the EFL Cup game against Walsall, because I don’t expect us to make it too far. It’s worth talking about though, simply because of Matty Dolan’s goal. It’s been clear for a while that he has an excellent left foot, but this was something that can only be described as unbelievable. The newly crowned “Yeovil Beckham” picked the ball up way inside his own half, and lobbed the ‘keeper from what must have been 60 yards out.

We play Everton in the next round, and hopefully another bit of magic from Dolan will take us into the next round. We could be capable of performing a bit of a cupset, but I’m not too optimistic.

The whole of the EFL looks incredibly interesting this year, mainly down to the fact both Aston Villa and Newcastle are in the Championship. Both lost their first games of the season, and I see that being the case for Aston Villa throughout the year, there is just no stability at the club. As for Newcastle, even though they are favourites for the title, I don’t think they’re certain to go up.

The Premier League is also back this weekend, and nobody has any idea what’s going to happen. I’m sure Hull will go down though. No manager, very few fit players, they’re pretty much doomed. Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea will take the title, but we can’t rule out the possibility that someone else “does a Leicester”.

As for Yeovil, it’s away games with Luton and Mansfield in the next week, and I’d like to think we could get a couple of wins at those two, but I’d happily take a win and a draw.


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