Away Days- Mansfield v Yeovil

Rarely do I write away days reports so close together, but given that Mansfield away is basically a home game for us, it isn’t one I could miss out on. I don’t usually do evening games either (saying that I am doing another next Tuesday), this being the first one I have done a report on. Unlike Luton at the weekend, Field Mill, or the One Call Stadium as it is now known, isn’t a new ground to me, my last trip coming in March.

I spoke a lot about the ground in that report so I’m not going to go on about it too much. However compared to Kenilworth Road on Saturday, there were a lot of places to get a decent view, and you had leg room when you sat down. There is still no stand on one side of the ground, and given that not many fans actually turn up, I can’t see them building a new one any time soon.

For young adults, £13 is quite a lot considering the football is of pretty poor quality. To put that into context, I will get into Everton for £5, and I’d hope to get a much better match. Programmes are not something I normally discuss, but having an animated picture of a man dabbing on the cover just totally ruins it. If you happen to actually like this dab nonsense, you are welcome to leave at this point.

Food wise, at Mansfield it felt like it was being made in Michelin Star restaurant after the miracle of an overcooked sausage roll at Luton. It was also served up by people who looked like they knew that they were going to work when they left the house, again, unlike at Luton.

The game was, well, awful. Mansfield’s Danny Rose (not that one), was sent off after just nine minutes for what looked like a two-footed challenge, although looking at the replay it seemed a touch harsh. This should really have allowed Yeovil to dominate the game, but it in fact did the complete opposite. The passing was slow and sloppy, nobody looked to try and run at the defence, and 41-year-old Brian Jensen in goal did about as much work as a 41-year-old in goal would want to do. Mansfield in fact created the better of the opportunities in the opening 45 minutes, although they rarely tested Artur Krysiak in the Yeovil goal.

The Glovers had made two changes by the start of the second half, one of which replacing a left back with a striker, which should really have been a sign of intent. But once again, it had no impact on the game. If you’d have turned up at half time, you wouldn’t have known that Mansfield were down to ten.

It was a sloppy Yeovil pass that led to the only goal of the game, this one from Alex Lawless. Mansfield broke, and after inexplicably dropping a shot that was straight at him, Artur Krysiak bought down the onrushing Mitch Rose to concede a penalty. Green stepped up, and smashed it down the middle.

I could say that Yeovil played their best football after the goal went in, but they couldn’t have played any worse than they did in the opening hour. They did start to get the ball into more promising positions, but the quality when they got the ball in those positions was non-existent. Even if you’re reading this in six months time, if we’d still have been playing now, we still wouldn’t have scored. It was that bad.

Rating out of 10: A decent ground with decent food, but the game was poor. 6/10


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