Away days- Doncaster Rovers v Yeovil Town

I’m back again, my fourth away day of August, and my last one for at least three weeks, maybe longer. It has been a frustrating month watching Yeovil play, having seen the Glovers win none of these four games, scoring only two goals in the process.

This was my second trip to the Keepmoat Stadium, after seeing Yeovil lose 3-0 there 18 months ago. One problem you will have as a travelling fan is the walk from the train station to the ground of around two miles, so you’ll want to leave yourself a bit of time if you are heading to a match. It’s still a relatively new stadium, Doncaster have only been there nine years. This does mean that the facilities are excellent and the ground is in excellent condition, but it does lack personality.

I’ve said this before after a trip to Stadium MK, a lot of these new grounds have no personality and are just a bit dull. The ground is closed off from the outside world, and there are no unique, quirky features that you get at older grounds. You are set back quite far from the pitch, with quite a lot of grass and tarmac between the front row and the pitch.

Unlike the three other grounds I have been to this year, we were given quite a large concourse area. There is space there for a few hundred fans to stand without it being too uncomfortable, but that wasn’t going to be an issue for the 167 Yeovil fans who made the trip up north. The concourse does though have a bit of a bland, industrial feel to it, and if I’m being supercritical, you probably want more than just one TV.

Again there was an improvement on the food that we had at Mansfield and Luton, but it still frustrates me that it costs so much. This was kind of evened out by the ticket was just £10 for over 16s, that although it is just a one-off, is an excellent price for any Football League ground.

As for the game, Yeovil were, well, hopeless. I mean, there is no other way to explain conceding a goal after 33 seconds. We had at least three chances to clear before both before the corner, then after the corner came into the box, yet the ball still dropped for Andy Williams to volley home. It didn’t get any better in the first half really, and the fact it was still 1-0 at half time was a minor miracle. Doncaster missed a host of chances, and it’s no exaggeration to say they could have been 3 or 4-0 up at the break.

Yeovil improved slightly after the break, but with Tom Eaves up front, a man who has no football ability, they were never likely to get a goal. It wasn’t until Doncaster were 2-0 up that Eaves was replaced by Izale McLeod. The second goal came through James Coppinger, who volleyed in from the edge of the box. It was only minutes later when Yeovil pulled a goal back, Matty Blair’s shocking header falling to Ryan Hedges to volley home.

After a few minutes of good pressure, Yeovil were out of it, when Bevis Mugabi was sent off. I will accept a red card for two yellow cards if the two fouls help the team in any way, but if the first of them is for involvement in handbags, it’s just ridiculous. It wasn’t even he who committed the foul in the first place. Given that Yeovil had already used all three substitutes by this stage, there was nothing that they could have done.

Williams finished off his hat trick by adding a third and fourth. The third came from a good team move that gave him a tap in, with the fourth an excellent header after a cross from Tommy Rowe. Looking back, I can’t even say that 4-1 was harsh on Yeovil, because they were so bad it could easily have been a hell of a lot more. This, along with the Mansfield game a couple of weeks ago, is the worst I have ever seen Yeovil play, and if it continues this way, we’ll probably be involved in a relegation battle again.

The atmosphere was a large improvement from my trip to the Keepmoat 18 months ago, but still with just over 4,600 fans there, it’s not great for such a large stadium. I can’t say it was a bad away day despite the shocking result, because this was the best ground I will go to while Yeovil are in League 2.

Rating out of 10: Yeovil were dreadful, but it’s a good ground and there was a half decent atmosphere. 7/10


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